Friday, August 15, 2014

Body Problems You Never Knew You Had

I grew up in the 80s--the era of high-waisted pants and oversized shirts.

We felt pretty cool. The jeans we wore were pretty forgiving. Here's an example of jeans we would have worn in the mid-80s.

You could have a not-so-perfect body and disguise it with something like that. Flash forward to 2014. Clothes aren't forgiving at all.

You can clearly make out a person's flaws in jeans like that. Because of jeans like this, society has felt the need to come up with a term: "muffin top." Muffin top happens when your stomach hangs over your low-rise jeans like a muffin.

Since it's apparent low-rise jeans aren't a trend and are here to stay permanently, we'll have to get used to that term. Making matters worse, the super-tight skinny jeans trend is creating a new monster. Thigh gap. The most disgusting body image concern to ever cross a young girl's mind.

Next up are cankles. Seriously. Not only do we have to worry about the distance between our thighs and the way our stomachs look in low-rise jeans--but we now have to worry about our ankles being too fat. Our ankles.

I don't even know what exercises you'd do to work out your ankles.

There are more. There's the "thut," turnip legs, and age-old problems like double chins and saddlebags. Women worry excessively about this crazy stuff. Men don't. If you need proof that men don't care about "thigh gap," here it is:

Do you think this habit of ridiculing a person's imperfections will continue? Or is it just a trend?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ways Your Blog May Be Scaring People Off

If you're working hard to write and post blogs, you probably want people to read them. If you're getting a lot of readers and don't want any more, ignore this. There are just a few things that drive me crazy when I'm reading blogs.


Spam sucks. We get it. But is it really that much of a problem in this advanced era of blogger spam-catching software? I have never had captchas in place and in the past year, I've deleted maybe four anonymous spam comments. Yes, captchas have gotten easier. They went from long confusing hard-to-read letters to short confusing hard-to-read letters on doors and mailboxes. But I think I speak for MANY readers when I say we're tired of having to solve a puzzle to comment on your blog.

Hide-and-Go-Seek Comment Button

I can't count the number of blogs I've read, only to not be able to figure out where to comment. Ideally, the comment link should be at the bottom of the blog, not the top. That's where we are when we finish. But there have been at least a few times when there was no comment button at all that I could find. If you don't want comments, that's fine, but I'm probably visiting your blog because you commented mine. I'd just like to return the favor.

Hide-and-Go-Seek Blog

Half of us are using Blogger. Half are using WordPress. When you leave a comment here, there's no telling where your link will take me. But one of the most confusing things is to get to your Google Plus or Blogger page, only to not be able to figure out where your blog is. Maybe you have a list of blogs a mile long that you "contribute" to. Maybe your Google Plus page lists every blog you've commented on for the past year with no post to your latest blog. I'll battle it to find your blog, but will everyone else?

Auto-Launch Audio

I watch TV shows while reading blogs, so your auto-launch audio makes me have to pause my show and mute my laptop temporarily. I probably won't come back unless I really enjoy reading your blog. Remember...people may be sneaking to read your blog at work and the sudden blast of Stairway to Heaven through their computer speakers is a dead giveaway that they aren't working. Have some compassion!

Speak up in comments. What are some things you wish bloggers wouldn't do?

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Writer's Wardrobe

As the dates of my big book events approached this summer, I realized I had nothing to wear. It had officially been more than eight months since I left my day job to work from home and all of my professional clothes were long gone. 

In fact, these days to dress up, I wear my bling jeans, maybe a sparkly tee instead of a plain one. After all, the fanciest place I go these days is to get my hair done. Or to get my dog's hair done.

For these events, I'd have to trade in the yoga pants for dresses. That meant a trip to Kohl's.

Somehow I ended up with four dresses for all my events. I realized different people would be at each event, though, so I could wear them more than once. But to justify the purchase, I've also been wearing sundresses to the mall and out to dinner all summer.

Now that the summer is coming to a close, I'm realizing I'll have to invest in a winter event wardrobe. In the winter you can get away with a nice sweater and pants, though. Or a light jacket and your summer clothes if you're young.

What's your wardrobe like? Are you prepared for a fancy event?