Monday, November 11, 2013

When You Least Expect It...

There are few things in this world more beautiful than my book cover.

I have it as my phone screensaver, my desktop wallpaper, and even on the coffee cup I drink out of each morning. (Thanks for the birthday gift, Mom!)

And what could be even more beautiful than my first book cover? The possibility of a second book be revealed in 2014.

Yes, that's right! I sold a second book. 25 Roses will be coming to bookstores everywhere in the spring/summer of 2015.

When I sold my second book, I was working in my PJs, as I tend to do when it's after 5pm! The best part of the story, though, is that I had my head covered in hair bleach and Crest Whitestrips on my teeth.

I couldn't make this stuff up!

Hopefully when I get my next piece of good news, I'll look a little more presentable. But if not, who cares?!!!


  1. Wow!!! Congratulations! Spectacularly good news!

  2. This is marvelous-Congratulations, Stephanie! Writers like you are an inspiration for writers like me because you've made the transition I hope to make one day—unpublished writer to published author. Hooray!

    Also, the whole pajamas thing ... since NaNo started, I've left the house twice and have had to go back because I forgot I was still in my jammies.

  3. Haha, that's funny! I live in my yoga pants these days. I was so caught up in my writing today, I didn't even realize I had no idea what the weather was outside!

  4. Well the weather here was cold- with a light dusting of snow this morning! Thanks for stopping by my home on the web. And it is such a bright, cute cover, I can see why you're proud. =)

  5. So exciting! Congratulations! I love that cover. It's so fun!

  6. Congratulations Stephanie. The book cover is awesome. I like the fun image both the cover and the title create in my mind. Eager to read the book.