Monday, October 28, 2013

The Glamorous Life

One morning six months ago, a client who lived in Denmark wanted to have a Skype call about a writing job I was doing for her. Because of the time difference, though, the best time for us to talk was 6 a.m. my time.

So I woke up early, got ready for my day job, and sat down at my desk with a cup of coffee. "This is how people in the real world work," I thought.

Not that state government, where I'd worked for 20 years, wasn't the real world. But in state government you're never allowed to work from home and there's no reason you'd ever Skype with Denmark. (At least not that I can think of!)

It felt so exciting. So glamorous.

Last week, I had one Skype call, two GoToMeetings, and three phone calls. Among those were clients in London, New York, California...and one woman who wasn't sure where she was. Glamorous?

I'm officially living that "glamorous" life. This is how it looks:

It is exciting to be able to work from home and build my own business. Nothing beats that. thing beats that. That thing?


All that to say--it's interesting how something new goes from feeling really glamorous to (gradually) feeling like daily life. I wish we could retain that excitement we feel when we move to a new house, buy a new car, or start an exciting new life. Where does that feeling go?


  1. Hahaha yeah I know what you mean. It used to be so exciting to work with people overseas, but it lost a lot of its shine because it's almost all I ever do at work.

  2. It changes into mundane activities because at that point you're just used to it. I completely understand what you mean though. The only way to really get it back is to think back and remember how lucky you are and the feelings you had when you first began.

  3. That feeling goes into hibernation mode until the next glamorous thing comes along.

    Love the glamorous pic of the working woman in her jammies!

  4. I'd like to have that excitement. Even for just a little while.

  5. If your new life ever seems mundane, think about returning to all the excitement you left behind. I'm sure they'd welcome you back with open arms. BTW Great photo! Was it taken by your muse, Shelby?

  6. What beats that? Not having to work at all. That would be my ideal. To keep receiving the same income I currently do without having to work. Yep, I work from home most days, but I still have to deal with work. It cuts into my time when I could be doing something more fun.

  7. Writing fiction beats all of it! I'd rather be writing fiction than doing just about anything. Although non-fiction does provide a bit of variety that keeps things interesting. Still...if I only dealt with people who could e-mail instead of talking on the phone, I'd be a happy camper. Phone conversations are so time-consuming and I have to spend the whole time frantically typing notes--most of which are unreliable because I'm trying to talk and type at the same time.