Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Introducing Potion Problems by Cindy Callaghan

If you have kids and Amazon Prime, you may have heard of the popular streaming series Just Add Magic. It's based on a book written by the very talented Cindy Callaghan. Now there's a Book 2 in the series, and it releases today! Scroll down to read all about it and buy your copy.


Kelly Quinn and her friends must figure out a way to save a beloved local store and find their infamous Secret Recipe Book, which has gone missing in this sequel to Just Add Magic (the inspiration for the family-friendly TV series)!

Kelly Quinn and her best friends, Darbie and Hannah, are having the worst day ever! Their Secret Recipe Book accidentally gets included in frenemy, Charlotte’s used book drive. Not good. 
As if that’s not enough, the girls find out that their cooking program is on the chopping block at school, thanks to big budget cuts. 

Kelly & Company decide to take matters into their own hands and apply for famous TV chef Felice Foudini’s Recipe Challenge. The prize? $10,000 and webisodes on Felice’s site. With the Book and the special ingredients from their beloved mentor, Senora Perez’s, store LaCucina, the girls are sure to win.

But when they turn to Senora Perez, for help, they discover La Cucina is in danger of closing!

Then Kelly gets a mysterious delivery—a package with the missing Secret Recipe Book with a note: “From KE.” KE is one of the Book’s authors, but who is KE exactly?

It’s up to Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah to get to the bottom of the mystery, save the cooking program, and help Senora P. keep her store!

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Cindy Callaghan is both an award-winning writer and business professional. Her writing niche is ‘tween girls. Few other writers today match Cindy’s prowess in this genre. “I just ‘get’ them,” she says. “Somewhere inside me, I think maybe I still am one.” Her books: JUST ADD MAGIC (2010), LOST IN LONDON (2013), LUCKY ME (2014)/LOST IN IRELAND (2016), LOST IN PARIS (2015), LOST IN ROME (2015), LOST IN HOLLYWOOD (2016), the award-winning SYDNEY MACKENZIE KNOCKS ‘EM DEAD (2017), JUST ADD MAGIC 2: POTION PROBLEMS (2018) and SALTWATER SUMMER SECRETS (2019) magically capture the tween voice and experience. Cindy holds an MA and MBA, and has over twenty years of business experience. The Delawarian (by way of Los Angeles (USC)) is a Jersey girl at heart. She lives in Wilmington, and escapes to her PA mountain retreat whenever time will allow. Visit her at https://cindycallaghan.com.