Monday, October 10, 2016

Scary October: Winchester Mystery House

It's October, which means I'm sharing spooky stories every week this month. Today's post is about this beautiful house, owned by the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester.

Sarah Winchester's story starts with tragedy. Her daughter died in infancy and her husband died of tuberculosis. Sarah decided to visit a psychic for guidance.

Sarah Winchester

Sarah's husband was best known for "the gun that won the West."

And her "misfortune," the psychic said, was because of all the lives that Winchester rifle had taken. The psychic told her to make her surroundings attractive to kind spirits. Those spirits would keep the evil spirits away. Sarah traveled to California and purchased an eight-room farmhouse. She hired workers who began building.

If you ever tour the house, you'll see how little sense it makes. There are stairways that lead nowhere and doors that open with nothing but solid walls behind them. The house is just a huge maze.

For 38 years, Sarah directed construction as guided by spirits through seances she held. She died in 1922 but some say her spirit remains with the house. Psychics have reported hearing organ music. There is an old organ in the house, but it doesn't work.

Visitors hear footsteps, slamming doors, and strange voices. People have also reported seeing "fog people" in the house.

Do you think the Winchester Mystery House is haunted? Or just an oddly confusing maze of a home?

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