Friday, January 02, 2015

FINALLY...My Debbie Gibson Fandom is Justified

On New Year's Eve, one of my Facebook friends initiated an intense conversation of why Mr. Mister sucks. I defended them by saying that was my first concert...and that I had a crush on the lead singer. She promptly joked that I could no longer be her friend.

The next day, middle grade/YA author Lisa Schroeder tweeted that she'd just watched the One Direction movie (I didn't even know there was a movie) and she wasn't ashamed. I replied that as children's authors, we get to unabashedly watch this sort of thing.

I regularly read posts from tween/teen authors about movies and TV shows designed for young girls, including Pitch Perfect and Glee (back when that show was good). It seems that writing for young readers gives you license to indulge in entertainment designed for young people...which can be fun. I, for instance, watched this movie on Netflix and loved it:

The whole thing reminds me of my fascination with Debbie Gibson when I was 16. Technically I was too old to be a fan of hers, but she was my age and she was writing songs that were actually on the radio. As a writer of (very bad) poetry, I was inspired.

When I was a teenager, I loved this video. It still appeals to my girly side, even if I were seeing it for the first time today.

It has everything. Fun effects, fashionable clothes (for the time, anyway!) and scrunchies. Remember scrunchies?

If you don't, don't worry. They'll come back in fashion soon. Fashion does that. Debbie Gibson probably won't, though. She's too busy making bad movies.

But I did feel a little ashamed at just how much I enjoyed fellow Hendersonville High School alum Taylor Swift's new video. What is it about these young female singers that make them SO much fun to watch? It's a really, really good video and song, actually, even if you aren't a recovering Debbie Gibson fan!

What's your most embarrassing guilty pleasure?

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Five Secrets about Me for New Year's Eve

The uber-talented kickboxing blogger J.H. Moncrieff tagged me in the Five Secrets about Me blog hop that's going around. 

In celebration of the start of a new year, I'm joining in. Here goes.

#1: I'm related to Jesse James. I'm not 100 percent certain how--my great-great-great-grandmother and Jesse James' father were siblings. There could be a few more "greats" in that grandmother part!

#2: I'm deathly afraid of roaches. Yes, I know they can't hurt me, but nothing freaks me out like the sight of one of these:

#3: My middle name is Breckenridge. I always hated it until my mom pointed me to my ancestor's Wikipedia page. Now I'm pretty darn proud!

#4: I went to school to be a TV reporter. Then I learned how little they made. Not that I would have been very good at it. But I anchored the news and worked as a reporter for my campus news station for a while. It did allow me to hone my writing skills and it led to a career in public relations, which is how I spent my 20s.

#5: I've worked all kinds of interesting side jobs over the years. This includes selling stuff on eBay back in the early days (I once made $500 on a rare Natalie Wood magazine that I found at a used record store) and working as a mystery shopper. Neither paid well for the work they required, but they were fun.

That's all my secrets for now! I'm tagging Anna and Pat Hatt but my tags are always optional! I hope everyone has a...

Monday, December 29, 2014

Cool Writing Rooms

Writing is my full-time job. I do most of it on the sofa recliner, surrounded by my living room. Probably not the most scenic of locations! I thought I'd write on our comfy patio furniture outside, which has a view of a pond...

But as it turns out, laptop screens are really hard to see outside. There's a glare. So much for my dream of writing on the beach.

One thing I'm fascinated with is writing rooms. Writers often share photos of their offices, which are basically desks surrounded by piles and piles of books.

What I want is a room with a view. I always mention the final scene of Wonder Boys, where Michael Douglas is writing in an office, surrounded by windows with a waterfront view. 

I can't find that clip, though, so instead here are some writing rooms that would make sitting at a desk worth it.

This one belongs to Tracy Bloom:

Hannah Fielding shared her French writing room on her website, emphasizing that normally she sits on the other side of the desk to take advantage of the view.

This one isn't a writer's room, but Rick's Photography pulled this photo of a home office with a view from a Laguna Beach listing. 

Berlin writer Jane Flett posted a photo of her Berlin writing space on this blog

Flett does mention repeatedly the distractions she faces, however, so maybe there's a lesson to be learned. Maybe rooms with a view don't inspire. Maybe there's a reason writers work in rooms like this one.

Would you work better with a beautiful view in front of you? Or would it be more of a distraction?