Friday, November 14, 2014

25 Roses Blog Tour Sign-Up

It's almost time!!!

25 Roses goes on sale January 6. (You can pre-order an autographed copy here. Just put in the comments when you order what you want me to write when I sign it.)

To celebrate the release of my second book, I'm holding a week-long blog tour. You can host me for a guest blog, interview me, or just copy and paste the press kit I'm putting together. I'm also hosting a giveaway that will include free copies of 25 Roses, an Amazon gift card, and chocolate roses just like the ones mentioned in the book. Munch away while you're reading about Mia's misadventures!

Each day, I'll link to the stops on the blog tour to (hopefully) send people your way. Want to participate? Just sign up using the form below.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How Bad Does a Celebrity Have to Be to Lose Your Support?

Stephen Collins' career was completely derailed recently when a tape was released of him admitting to child molestation. He even claims the tape has destroyed all future earning potential.

But will he never be able to work again? Not necessarily. In fact, the public has shown that just about anything is forgivable, especially if you have the power to avoid it ever going to court.

First there's Woody Allen, who married his live-in girlfriend's adopted daughter (age 19). In the early 90s, there were allegations that he'd abused his seven-year-old adopted daughter Dylan, which Dylan herself confirmed in an open letter published earlier this year. Despite the scandal, Allen continues to prevail, winning four Oscars, two Golden Globes, and numerous awards and accolades over the course of his career. The 19-year-old he fell in love with and later married? They're still married today.

Then there's Bill Cosby, accused of raping 14 separate women--in some instances after drugging them. He paid to make the allegations go away back in 2006, but with a little help from a comedian and Twitter, it's all coming back on him. But despite all the bad publicity in 2006, Cosby has been honored with awards and multiple degrees over the years and is currently staging a comeback. In addition to being cast in a 2015 NBC TV show, he's in the middle of his own comedy tour called Far From Finished.

Sean Connery once famously told Barbara Walters it's okay to slap a woman, as long as you've tried everything else and she still won't shut her yapper. Since originally saying that in the 60s and confirming it with Barbara Walters in the 80s, women (and men) have packed theaters to admire the guy's work. 

Mel just a mess. Yet still he makes money. He's no superstar, but he's doing just as well as all the other actors who peaked in the 90s in spite of racist rants and alleged girlfriend-beating.

I think we all know that with a lot of cash and a great PR firm, celebrities can make just about anything go away. But do we, as the viewing public, have an obligation to not let them get away with that? After all, movie studios will only keep giving them work as long as we keep paying to see it. Or is it "innocent until proven guilty," even if the celebrity pulls some strings to make sure no trial ever happens?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Protecting Your Smartphone

I once spent six months as a ghostwriter for an iPhone site. During that time, I repeatedly emphasized the importance of protecting your iPhone from this.

There are crazy expensive cases that keep it safe from every drop of water.

There are ridiculously bulky cases that promise to keep it safe if you drop it.

Then there are the screen protectors that are almost impossible to install without getting a smudge or fingerprint or bubble somewhere underneath it. That smudge, fingerprint, or bubble drives you crazy, by the way.

I fell for it all. I've had the Otter Box in almost every color available. (There aren't many.)  I've tried every kind of screen protector imaginable. I launched a search for a case that helped safeguard my phone without turning my tiny iPhone 5 into something from the 90s.

There are cases that combine silicon with a hard shell. Those are said to be the best for shock absorption. But there's still the issue of the screen. You wouldn't want it to get scratched. That can happen...or so I thought. Before I could bother with it, though, I happened to be in an Apple Store, where one of their self-proclaimed geniuses told me my iPhone has Gorilla Glass.

No screen protector necessary, he said. When I didn't believe him, he pulled out his keys and proceeded to vigorously scratch the screen of his iPhone. Not a single mark. research shows that a robust screen protector like the one made by Zagg can protect the screen from looking like a spider web if you should ever drop it.

How do you protect your smartphone from damage?