Friday, October 03, 2014

Scary October: The Amityville House

To celebrate my favorite month of the year, I'm bringing you a different scary place every Friday. Today it's this house:

In 1973, a movie was released that terrified the world.

Four years later, a book was released that is now thought to have been inspired by that movie. The book?

At the time, though, the story was extremely gripping. A couple named George and Kathy Lutz said they moved into a house that was so haunted, it tormented them. Just over a year earlier, a man killed six members of his family in the house (that part is true).

The murderer said he was possessed. The Lutzes said Exorcist-like events happened while they were in the house, as well.

The success of both the movie and book led people to investigate whether the facts were true. While the Lutzes vehemently denied they'd fabricated the events in the house, Kathy Lutz's son has revealed many of the events in the book were fake. While he says some strange things happened in the house, much of what was described in the book was sheer sensationalism.

Here's an episode of 30 Odd Minutes featuring Christopher Lutz.

What's the scariest true story you've ever heard?

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

It's October!!!

I think it's important to take a moment to celebrate.

Why? Because it's October, of course! October is my favorite month of the year for multiple reasons. The weather turns nice.

The colors are amazing.

The sun is at a different angle.

Then, of course, there's Halloween.

I love scary stories. Visiting haunted places is one of my favorite things.

The month never seems to last long enough. This year I hope to spend more time working on my patio office.

And less time inside. 

What do you like about October?

Monday, September 29, 2014

What Do You Really Need?

How much do you really need to get through the day?

How much do you need to be comfortable?

After reading this blog last week, I felt inspired to blog my thoughts on the issue. Optimistic Existentialist posed the idea that we have mixed up our needs with our wants. We don't need, for instance, a house like this:

Or a car like this:

Or a closet that looks like this:

It's a subject I know a little bit about. We went through the 2010 Nashville flood. Our house was in this neighborhood:

After our home sat in four inches of water for a day or two due to an Army Corps. of Engineers error, we had to tear out the drywall and flooring and rebuild.

When you're just trying to sleep in your own house--the one you're paying a monthly mortgage to live in--you seriously reevaluate what's important to you. You need just a few things to live. Four walls and a roof, basic utilities, a bed, and a kitchen. Once your basic needs are met, there are a few basic "luxuries" you need to live your day-to-day life. Among them are:


Even those are more "wants" than "needs," though (unless you need a laptop to make a living).

Think about it. If you lost everything you own and had to rebuild your life, what would you really need outside of your loved ones? How much extra "stuff" do you have in your life?

Another fun video: