Friday, July 11, 2014

Songs of Summer

When I heard The Armchair Squid was hosting this fun bloghop, I couldn't resist. 

Together, we're building a summer soundtrack. The challenge is to list five songs that take you back to different summers over your life. Only I grew up in the 80s. So summer music was listened to on one of these.

Or one of these.

It starts with the summer of 1986 at Myrtle Beach. This song always takes me back. I hate live versions of songs, but this was all that was out there in video form.

This song takes me back to the summer I worked at the movie theater, watching free movies and hanging out with awesome people. Plus, the line "Don't you make me beg for more" always reminds me that my best friend at the time thought the words were, "Don't you make me late for work."

This song reminds me of my early college days. I couldn't turn the radio on during the summer of 1989 without hearing this song. I bought his first two CDs and listened to them nonstop. Now he owns a rock star academy in Texas. How cool is that?

This one was on the radio nonstop the first summer I started thinking about writing a novel. I don't think any of us really knew what he was singing about, but he has an incredible voice. Plus, he wrote We Built This City and These Dreams, two 80s songs everyone loved. Here's his Facebook page.

Since the summer of 2000, one song has signaled "summer" for me. It's the theme song to a certain TV show.

I'm a bit of a fan, if you can't tell. And this summer, the first summer I've worked from home, I signed up for live feeds. So the house is on all day in the background while I work. This song always signals "summer" for Big Brother fans.

What songs take you back to summers past? You can post your answer in comments here or join in on today's blog hop by adding your link below.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Why My Hometown is the Best

My husband's always telling me that his hometown is the best.

Okay, his hometown definitely makes for some interesting stories. It was, after all, established as a city to facilitate the secret development of the atomic bomb.

But I think my hometown is pretty awesome, too.

It was the home of this guy.

And it's known as the home of this girl, even though her family only moved there to get her close to she could get a record deal.

Taylor Swift and I both went to the same high school. Twenty years apart. In different buildings. But it counts, right?

And the #1 reason my hometown is the best?

I'm going to be part of family night at the Hendersonville Public Library on July 17!

What's the best thing about your hometown?

Monday, July 07, 2014

Writers Don’t Use Typewriters

There's a strange trend I've noticed for a while now. Whether it's on a T-shirt, bumper sticker, or online graphic, the word "Writer" is often seen with the image of a typewriter.

The image of a writer sitting in front of a typewriter is so common, we accept it without question.

Yet most of us writers can't relate to the image above. Our writing lives look a little more like this:

Or this:

Or this:

For many of us, it likely involves yoga pants or PJs, no makeup, and our living room sofa.

Despite all of this, though, the typewriter continues to be the universal symbol of "writer." So it wasn't surprising when the TV show Mike & Molly chose to throw one into a scene with Susan Sarandon. It was part of the background, stocked with things to demonstrate what a writer would have.

Perhaps Susan Sarandon's character, a successful novelist, prefers using a typewriter. It's possible. But of all of the writers I know, I can't name one who uses a typewriter.

Can you?