Monday, January 20, 2014

Dear Website Owners

Because my job as a freelance writer involves quite a bit of research, I often find myself viewing a wide variety of websites throughout the day. Usually when I'm viewing these sites I'm doing so with headphones on. In recent weeks, I've noticed something that is really becoming quite annoying. What?

Auto-play videos.

These videos are advertisements and they load, sound and all, whenever you visit a site. Sometimes a page has more than one of them. They load, sound and all, and play in the background while you're trying to read. If you're trying to listen to music, stream a TV show, or just enjoy silence while you're reading the article, all hope is gone for that. You're listening to the ad, whether you want to or not.

But it gets worse...

You can pause both videos, if you can find them on the page. Often it's a frantic hunt for the video, which you can hear but can't see. There's bad news, though. If you can find the tiny pause button, you'll only get a minute or so of rest, because guess what?

The page is set to refresh on a constant basis, making the video(s) start up all over again.

I lie...been forced to copy and paste the text of one of these pages into a Word document just to be able to use the article as research. It felt good to close the website and all its annoying videos.

Is there any way to stop this annoying trend? Because it seems to be getting worse, not better!