Monday, February 03, 2014

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

For Christmas, I purchased a new winter coat from my husband from Dick's Sporting Goods. Apparently this was a mistake that would continue to haunt me a full month later.

You see, I ordered one jacket. They sent one jacket. Then a few days later, I received a second jacket for no reason whatsoever.

I called the company. I didn't want two jackets, you see. I only wanted one. I'd only paid for one, looking at my bank account. No problem. They'd send me a mailing label that would allow me to "conveniently" send it back. I just had to drive across town to UPS, wait in line, and we'd be all done.

The torture had only begun.

I sent the jacket back and forgot about it. Then, about two weeks later, I received an e-mail that my return had been processed and my account was being credited for the returned jacket. A jacket I'd never asked for...nor had I ever paid for it.


I called the company. They acted like I was inconveniencing them by asking them not to credit my account hundreds of dollars that I'd never even paid. It was too late, they said. Seriously? They wanted me to just keep the money?

No problem. They'd just charge the credit card again. It took days and, in the meantime, my credit card expired. They sent me an e-mail saying they couldn't charge me. But let them know if they could do anything else. Bye-bye.

Confused yet? So was I. So was the customer service person I had to call. At that point, I was basically begging Dick's to charge my credit card. At that point, the customer service reps were also putting me on hold a lot to "check on something."

They'd have to have someone call me back, they said. Days passed...nothing.

Finally, after receiving the seventh or eighth customer service survey, I filled it out in a very strongly-worded manner. My adventure goes like this: I ordered one jacket. I paid for one jacket. They sent a second jacket. I sent the second jacket back. They gave me hundreds of dollars. That all totals up to: one free jacket in my house. It was as if I walked into a store and stole a jacket, as far as I was concerned.

That should have been enough, but that one angry e-mail led to something like five separate phone calls from customer service reps. One customer service rep charged my card, then another called to say she was calling to charge my card. When I told the second customer service rep it had already been taken care of, she said the system didn't show that. Ugh!

The moral of the story? Dick's Sporting Goods needs a better system. I'm pretty sure 90 percent of the population would probably not be this honest, especially when the company makes it so very difficult to do the right thing.

What would you have done? Am I crazy for trying so hard to do the right thing?


  1. It's not you being honest. It's them being stupid. There's a difference. You've gone above and beyond. It's time to let it go.

    I have a Dick's near me so I probably would have taken the 2nd jacket straight to them. If they tried to send me money for it, I would have made only one phone call instructing them not to. If they're that stupid, I can't be bothered to babysit them.

  2. I know, Q. I did feel rather stupid. I just had this weight on me and if I held onto that money, knowing it wasn't mine, that weight would stay. I'd rather just hand the money back to avoid feeling that guilt for the rest of my life! It's well worth it to long as they leave me alone at this point!

  3. I'd like to think I would be that honest, but after they started making it a job to help them out, I might have just said heck with it. That makes you awesome!

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth! I think when they sent me that last e-mail saying, "We couldn't charge your card," it took me back to childhood. It was as if someone said, "God is watching. What are you going to do?" Some things from childhood never go away!

  5. youre a better person than I after all that, they could have credited my account and Id been on my happy way

  6. You definitely did the right thing, and went above and beyond what anyone would have expected you to do. I hope it's all resolved now.

  7. You are not crazy by trying to do the right thing. You're a better person for being so honest. I've heard lots of stories of things like this happening and it's sad that so many stores have systems that struggle, but I'm glad so many people are out there trying to be honest. It renews my faith in mankind. Thanks for making my day. And good luck to you. Hopefully now they won't charge you four times and refuse to refund the money. :)

  8. Well, that's one way to do business. I'm not thinking it would be my preferred method of operation, but hey, to each their own!

  9. I bought a lawn mower 10 years ago for 169 €. When I got home it was another one worth 599 € in the cardboard box. I did not complain at customer service. I do feel a little bit ashamed though. I should have returned it...

  10. never a dull moment, eh Steph? lol

  11. never a dull moment, eh Steph? lol

  12. No good deed goes unpunished, eh Stephanie?

    Several years ago I paid for a painting as a gift for my parents. Christmas came and went and no painting. I called the store where I bought it and kept getting their answering machine (no one returning the messages). I then called the credit card company and they refunded my money and were going to deal with the art place.

    Of course 2 weeks later the painting arrives. I spent two months trying to explain to the credit card company that I did receive the merchandise and they can go ahead and put the charge back on the account. They never did.

  13. LOL!! Oh my lord, how ridiculous! You're not silly for trying to do the right thing - I would have done the same. I don't know if I would have stuck with it for so long, simply because I'm not the world's most patient person! At some point, I think I'd say, well it seems like they really want me to have this free jacket, so... ;)

  14. I admire your honesty. It is ridiculous how they were going out of their way to make things so difficult for you. The only store that I've never had a problem with is Nordstroms. If they don't have a location near you, than try to get on their mailing list. They even gave my mom cash back for a pair of boots that were sitting in her closet for over ten years.


  15. I probably would have tried to return it to the store, explaining what had happened and let them deal with the headache. I hate trying to return things through the mail.
    We dealt with Dick's about returning a baseball bat once. It did take forever to get it fixed. Good on you for being honest though unappreciated.

  16. Let it go and think of it as a Christmas bonus. :-) I once received a bunch of underwear I'd never ordered. It was old lady underwear, and I definitely wouldn't have worn it. I emailed the company about it. When they didn't respond, after a month, I gave it to my grandmother for Christmas. She loved it!

  17. You did the right thing! I'd have done the same too. Just think of it as a character building exercise. Or something like

    Happy weekend!