Monday, October 07, 2013

October: The Month to Visit Haunted Places

October is, hands-down, my favorite month of the year.

One of the reasons for that is that in October, almost every historic place in America provides spooky tours. And touring a historic building is much more fun at night, with the hosts holding lanterns while dressed in costume.

When I was working on my series about tween ghost hunters, I had the perfect excuse to visit every haunted place I could. I went through ghost hunter training, with no intention of ever ghost hunting for real, and I watched eight seasons or so of the show Ghost Hunters. Call it research--mostly, I just enjoyed the stories.

I finally figured out, after taking a standard tour of a historic home here in middle Tennessee, that what these tours do is give you stories of the people who lived in the home, rather than simply stating facts. Some daytime tours do that, as well, but there's something about walking through an old house at night, listening to stories of strange sounds and sightings, that ramps the experience up a little.

The whole thing makes me want to write a spooky book again, if only to have an excuse to research.

Do you believe in ghosts?