Friday, August 30, 2013

Aaryn Gries: I'm Not Racist, I'm Just from the South

Viewers have been waiting all summer for Aaryn Gries to be evicted from Big Brother. The girl who kicked off the season making openly derogatory statements against the house's Asian, African-American, and homosexual members had to walk out of the house and face Julie Chen, an Asian-American herself.

So when Aaryn walked out last night, the nation waited to hear what she'd say for herself. The result? Yet one more stereotype.

When Chen read back racist comments she'd said verbatim, Gries began stuttering, immediately blaming it on "being Southern." The racist and homophobic comments read back to her were only three of many statements she made. But her response added yet another stereotype to the long list of stereotypes she seems to have.

The whole thing made me wonder where she lives in Texas. Wherever it is, everyone makes racist jokes and nobody thinks anything of it, apparently. I, for one, live in the South and was one of many people who likely cringed when she chalked up her behavior as being a Southern thing. Would everyone in the country now believe we all back up what this girl said?

Of course, most people don't believe all Southerners are racist, just as most people gasped when they heard the racist statements Aaryn Gries made this season. They were statements that led to the show posting a disclaimer distancing itself from the remarks. I think I speak for most Southerners when I say that we would like to distance ourselves, as well.

To see the racist comments that started it all, watch the video below.


  1. Jeez, she is ugly on the inside! What a horrible excuse for humanity. There is NO excusing that kind of behaviour.

  2. I read somewhere that her mom has hired a PR firm to fix her reputation once she gets out. Her modeling agency fired her...and she doesn't even realize it and won't for a while. She goes to "jury," which means she and everyone else who is evicted live in a fancy house until late September when they come back to CBS studios for the finale. Sadly, she'll have the rest of her life to deal with the repercussions.

  3. Actually it does seem normal, I remember having this conversation with this girl from the south...sweetwater Texas, and she kept making these comments, when I finally said, you can't say that...she was taken back, like why...thats just normal around here.

  4. Not normal here in Nashville--so maybe we should distinguish between people who grow up in really small Southern towns with populations of 500 who are all white and the majority of Southern towns, where that isn't the case. Most towns in middle Tennessee have very diverse populations. I think the ignorance seen by the girl on Big Brother is just a result of someone being sheltered and never really exposed to life, and that's kind of sad. Back in the 50s, people were born, lived, and died in the same town, so they never met anyone but other people just like them. It was simply that people of other races were unfamiliar to them. But in 2013, when we have so much diversity on TV and online, it's really pathetic that someone would be that sheltered.