Monday, July 18, 2011


I'm planning my trip here:

We're staying in a beachfront condo here:

And visiting all the sites like this one:

This one:

And this one:

I'm looking for HELP! Any tips for things to do and see while we're there? Best ways to get around? Is traffic horrendous between Hermosa Beach and L.A.? (Yes, I realize it's a little bit of a hike but I fell in love with the condo where we're staying!) Should we do the Los Angeles Go Pass or not? Where are the must-eat restaurants??? Must-see places?

This is my dream trip -- something I've been wanting to do since I was 8 (no exaggeration!). Any tips would be VERY appreciated!


  1. I've been to LA twice for conferences. Still haven't seen any of it, beyond the mall near the hotel I was staying at.

  2. PS. Have fun! Can't wait to see your photos and live vicariously through you. :D

  3. How exciting!! I've always wanted to go there too!

  4. I lived in the LA area for ages, but it's also been a long time since I was there, so I know things have changed.
    I'd be tempted to spend most of my time on the beach! Have a wonderful vacation.

  5. The best time to travel is 3:00am. The roads are pretty empty at that time.

    I would go to Burbank,Hollywood but forget about the City of LA. Spend time near the coast.

    Drive the PCH north, check out the wine country.

  6. have fun!

    Scotty is going in October.

  7. I've only spent time in Palm Springs and San Diego and not much at that. LA for a layover. You're resourceful. I'm certain you'll come up with something. Enjoy!!

  8. I grew up in S. California and have been back many, many times, but I have never been in the heart of Hollywood!

  9. That's my dream trip too! I'm so jealous your going, can I hop in your suitcase? Ha ha,.,,,have fun!

  10. Wow have a great time! Don't know anything about LA I'm afraid, being a Brit and all, but I'm sure you'll share your adventure with us when you return :o)

  11. OMG. So many things you could do.

    For amazing breakfast: The Griddle Cafe in LA/Hollywood. It's small and crowded so getting there early would be best, but the BEST omlets and pancakes. (And the Hollywood sign / Griffith Park & Observ / Mann's Chinese Theater isn't far from here)

    For dinner: There are soooo many amazing places in Downtown LA / West LA / Hollywood / Santa Monica. You shouldn't have a problem finding food.

    For the best cupcakes: Frosted in either Hollywood or Long Beach

    Try one of the food trucks. It's the latest thing here. You can find a lot of them on the Westside. Koji Truck / Grilled Cheese Truck / Nom Nom Truck are a few.

    Depending on when you're coming to LA, there are a lot of events in the city and surrounding areas.

    Can you tell that I just finished doing a tour of a friend of mine? lol.

  12. I have no tips as I've never been, but have a lovely time!

  13. So fun! We went to Hollywood a few years ago. You can get around pretty easily by bus and train. Have a great time!

  14. Born and raised in LA love that town!

    Pinks hot dogs in Hollywood 
    La brea tar pits 
    Randys donuts
    Crumbs cupcakes Beverly hills or Malibu - best cupcakes in LA ( we always bring a lot home and freeze them, we live in northern Cali now)
    Knottsberry farm
    Magic mountain
    Universal studios
    Hollywood sign
    Star map tours (shows you the stars homes)
    Catalina island- 30 Min ferry ride from long beach feels like Hawaii!
    Queen Mary
    La zoo
    Griffith observatory 
    Madam tussads wax
    Venice beach boardwalk

  15. Wow!!! These are great tips, everyone! I'm doing an itinerary and, of course, the obvious things are on it. (Chinese theater, tar pits, etc.) But I'm having the hardest time figuring out restaurants. There are SO many...and L.A. isn't specifically known for any one restaurant in particular.

  16. Oh, you are going to have an amazing time! Trying hard not to be jealous- :)

  17. I have no idea, but I'm stinking jealous!! :) My sister went to LA, she brought me back a key chain. Yeah, you heard that right. A. key. chain.

    Have a great time!

  18. I would definitely go to Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, which is walking distance to the Santa Monica Pier. If you like museums, LACMA is pretty great. Go for a hike in Griffith Park.

  19. I've only been to Hollywood once, and I didn't get to do anything fun. I hope you have a blast!

  20. No idea on any of your questions, but have lots of fun.

  21. Wish I could help, but at least I can wish you a wonderful time! You've waited a long time for this-- have a blast!

  22. So exciting! You'll be (almost) in my neck of the woods! You definitely have to go to Pinks Hot Dogs. Other than that, you've got a good list. Now if you venture south to Orange County/Disneyland, let me know and I'll be more helpful.

  23. Interesting. I have no idea what's over there, I figure it's all good enough to go see if you've never been. I've been to L.A. but only around the train and bus station. I was too young to really remember what I saw, just know it was big and a lot traffic.

    I use to wonder where the Hollywood sign was so I'm on google right now trying to find where it's located exactly.

    Enjoy your trip.

  24. What a great trip. Wow, I wish I could take something like that. I am a single mom and get no child support, so I don't think it will happen soon.