Friday, June 24, 2016

Best Books of June

It's once again time to tell you about the best books I read this month. Here are the awesome books I read this month!

The first book this month is the perfect summer read. This one might take you back to your own childhood summers, especially if you spent time visiting relatives as I did. The Summer of Lost and Found is both fun and informative.

I loved that this book covered the mystery of the lost Roanoke Colony, a topic that fascinates any good mystery lover! Nell Dare isn't all too excited about spending the summer at Roanoke Island, especially with her father suddenly having flown off to London. But over the course of the summer, she begins a search for artifacts belonging to the lost colonists and the adventure makes the summer awesome. Rebecca weaves history into the modern-day story in a way that is entertaining and enlightening. Any parent or teacher looking for a great book for their kids should check this one out!

Next up is a fantabulous young adult romance from the very talented Jen Malone.

In Wanderlost, a not-so-adventurous 17-year-old gets to take her much-more-adventurous older sister's place on a tour of Europe. The catch? She has to lead a group of senior citizens on the tour while pretending to be her sister. When she meets the hunky son of the tour's owner, keeping up the lie becomes increasingly complicated. This swoony romance will have you learning AND enjoying every word you read. If you're looking for a great summer escape, this is the book for you!

I love Quanie Miller's blog. She always has the best tips for writers. If you aren't regularly reading it, add it to your list. Meanwhile, here's another thing to add to your list--this fun book, which I finally got around to reading this month!

It Ain't Easy Being Jazzy introduces us to a fun, spirited character named (of course!) Jazzy. I'm not exaggerating when I say Quanie is hilarious. Every scene is set up as a perfect comedy, with Jazzy and her associated friends and relatives keeping you entertained with each word. Even Jazzy's work situation will make you laugh out loud. I never did find out why her boss kept telling her to wind a dead clock! Read this book--you'll be glad you did!

My final book this month was from another familiar face, Diedre Knight. Her book, Sawdust, is a charming chapter book about a young boy in the 60s.

Sawdust is a true coming-of-age story, centering around the adventures of a young boy in a small town. It's the kind of simple story that will remind you of your favorite movies. Plus, it includes a dog who can do some pretty cool things, like swim across the river and swipe things when people aren't looking! This is a short, charming read you'll love!

What are you reading?

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