Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A is for Action/Adventure Movies

It's officially A to Z Challenge time!!! All month, a ridiculously large group of us will be posting six days a week on a theme, starting at A and ending with Z. My theme for this year? The 80s!!! Today's letter is:

My favorite (non-writing) job ever was as a concessions stand worker at a movie theater. I worked at this movie theater:

Here's photographic proof of it:

One of the perks of that $3.50 (or so) an hour job was free movies. All the free movies we wanted to see. So during the summers following my junior and senior years, I saw quite a few movies. There were movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Movies starring Bruce Willis.

And an Eddie Murphy comedy-slash-action movie thrown in.

What we didn't realize at the time was that these movies were only the beginning. The action movies of the 80s would start a trend of action-adventure movies that would carry us through the rest of the century. Most of them starred one of these three Hollywood powerhouses:

They even founded a restaurant chain together. The chain is still in operation today. You may have heard of it...

Action/adventure movies still exist...they just seem to mostly revolve around comic book stories these days.

Or dystopian young adult novel adaptations.

Of course, if you want a walk down memory lane, you could always check out the Stallone-Schwarzenegger-Willis combination in The Expendables series. If you were around for their 80s domination, you might even be eligible for a senior discount.

What was your favorite 80s movie?