Friday, May 22, 2015

Road Rage: A Waste of Time

Every now and then, I find myself stuck in traffic. It reminds me of the 21 years I spent driving to downtown Nashville.

In the early years, I'd get frustrated. I'd shout at my fellow commuters.

By the time I arrived at work, I looked like this.

Then I discovered audiobooks. I'd sync my car with my phone, press play, and follow the exciting adventures of various fictional characters.

Add some coffee and what do you have? A relaxing commute. Cut me off in traffic? I don't care. I'm chillin' with my coffee and some good fiction.

Many days, I hated to arrive at work. It meant the end of my quiet time. Plus it meant the beginning

I could have spent my mornings like this...

But instead I made the most of it. I turned it into enjoyable early-morning me time.

Do you suffer from road rage?