Friday, July 25, 2014

The Cephalopod Coffeehouse: Best Book of July

Today I'm participating in the monthly meeting of the Cephalopod Coffeehouse, where we sign up to write about the best book we've read this month.

This month I was tasked with reading 35 books for a contest, so I didn't get a chance to read much. But early in the month I finished a book I was reading in June.

I find it interesting that the book cover quotes T.S. Elliot, just as Stephen King quoted it at the beginning of the 1994 miniseries for his book The Stand.

The Stand is one of my all-time favorite books. I grew up on Stephen King novels, so he's my literary genius. If you think I should say something more socially acceptable...

I was naturally thinking of The Stand as I began reading Gone. But what was interesting was that there's a dome over their little city in the book. (You find this out early on, so it's not a spoiler.) A dome, you say? That sounds familiar, too...

It was bugging me so much, I had to look it up. Turns out, Stephen King's a supporter of Gone, which was a very popular YA series. Rightly so, since it's really, really good. Not only that--Under the Dome was released in 2009, just after Gone's 2008 release--but way too soon to have been anything but a coincidence. Even Stephen King can't write that quickly.

While the writing style is different, the story still feels very Stephen King-ish. So it's no surprise King himself is a fan.

Whether you're a Stephen King fan or not, I highly recommend this series. I, meanwhile, will be starting on book two soon.