Friday, October 17, 2014

Scary October: The Queen Mary

In celebration of my favorite month, October, I'm featuring a different scary place every Friday. This week it's a ship that I had the privilege of visiting in 2011: The Queen Mary.

The retired ocean liner rests in Long Beach, California, where it is open for tours every day. The luxury liner had 49 total deaths during its time of service, leading the ship to be labeled "haunted" in recent years. Guests have reported hearing children playing in the nursery and feeling strange things in a cabin where someone was murdered.

The spookiest place on the ship is the pool area.

They told us the changing rooms were a vortex of negative energy. I thought that sounded a little absurd, especially without explanation, so I decided to go back there. It was dark and spooky, but I think that part of it was due to the power of suggestion.

Haunted or not, the ship is well worth a visit. Take a rest on the deck while you're there.

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