Friday, October 20, 2017

Scary October: University of Montevallo

It's October, which means every Friday, I bring you a new spooky story!

The University of Montevallo is a four-year university located in Alabama.

Established in 1896, the university is highly respected, ranking as one of the top higher education institutions in the South. But the college also boasts a spooky side, with students having passed around stories for decades.

The university has a long and interesting history. The above building, Reynolds Hall, served as a Confederate hospital during the Civil War, where it was overseen by Captain Henry Clay Reynolds. Hearing troops were about to attack a nearby ironworks facility, he left the building unattended, at which point troops descended, killing the wounded soldiers inside. Today, Captain Reynolds is one of the most interesting spirits haunting the campus. A portrait of him is often moved without explanation and a breeze can sometimes be felt across a stage in the building with no known source.

Captain Reynolds

But there's an even spookier story haunting the university. In 1908, a 17-year-old student named Condie Cunningham and her roommate were in their room in the main dormitory when an alcohol lamp caught Condie's clothing on fire. Desperate to extinguish the fire, she ran into the hallway, but by the time the fire was out, her burns were too severe. She died soon after. Below is a picture of the sophomore class, but names weren't labeled at that time. many believe Condie is one of the women pictured.

Today, there are reports of an apparition seen running down the hall. But the biggest legend comes from her image being seen in a door. The door was replaced numerous times, but the face always appeared. Finally they removed the wooden door and replaced it with a metal one. One of the doors is on display in the campus library.

Whether or not the University of Montevallo is actually haunted, the legends surrounding its history are certainly interesting. Do you know of a haunted campus?

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