Friday, August 29, 2014

The Cephalopod Coffeehouse: Best Book of August

Today I'm participating in the monthly meeting of the Cephalopod Coffeehouse, where we sign up to write about the best book we've read this month.

It seems I'm always surrounded by books I have to read when this meeting rolls around. This month I've been tasked with reading chapter books to work on a book for younger readers. I searched far and wide for good chapter books.

I downloaded sample after sample to my Kindle and read, read, read. Most of the time, I only made it a few pages in before I knew I couldn't read any more.

Where are the good chapter books?

Then...just as I was starting to lose hope...there it was. The light at the end of the tunnel! I found this book series:

It was like home! I loved this series from the first word of the first book. It had everything I love in a book. Nail polish, spunky young characters, young girls trying to fit in... Did I mention nail polish?

So I have a request of you all. More books like this! Can anyone recommend books for readers around the age of 6-9 years old that are girly like this one (or like Clementine, Junie B. Jones, etc.)? Even Amazon doesn't seem to be able to help. 

Did you read a good book this month? If so, join in on the Cephalopod Coffehouse by entering your link below and posting a blog about it.