Friday, October 31, 2014

Scariest Ghost Pictures Ever

It's my favorite holiday of the year!

All month, I've set aside Fridays for scary places. To celebrate the best October Friday of all, I'm celebrating by posting some of the scariest pictures ever taken. One thing you should know is that most pictures involving orbs are pure junk. Usually it's just the reflection of the flash. But people love posting pictures of orbs and claiming those dots are ghosts.

I decided to look up some of the scariest photos ever taken. While there's no way to prove these are 100 percent authentic, many were taken during a time when digital photography and Photoshop hadn't yet been invented. 

Perhaps the most famous is the Brown Lady. The photo was taken at Raynham Hall in England. Many believe the apparition is Dorothy Townshend.

The below photo was taken in Franklin, Tennessee, at a Confederate cemetery. Note the sepia-toned soldier in the upper-right corner.

What's spooky about this picture is that one of the men pictured in the back row (inset) had died two days earlier. He's hiding back there behind the soldier's head. See him?

I've found the scariest images are much more subtle. One of the images I find scariest was captured on video by the TV show Ghost Hunters. An unmanned camera captured what appears to be an apparition moving toward it in the snow.

What's the scariest ghost picture you've ever seen?